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Preface by Jeanne Guesné

Jeanne Guesné has written the following works: Le Grand Passage (Le Courrier du Livre, 1979), La conscience d'être ici et maintenant (Espace Bleu,1991), Le 7e sens ou le Corps spirituel (Albin Michel, 1991), Le 3e souffle (Albin Michel, 1995).

My encounter with Jean Ratte actually happened through our articles, which were published in the 3e millénaire no.39.

His writing was clear, precise and well thought out. I spontaneously felt linked to the author to a point where I was overblown and each blow was simultaneously Nothing and Everything.


His book L’Homme cellulaire (The Cellular Man) opens up a new vision at the dawn of the 21st century. He has given me the proof that we absolutely need new food for thought for human life to evolve: a wealth of information! The period between 1933-1950 were years of inner work (I advise against it seeing as it is useless and dangerous) that curiously has allowed me today to have the essential tools to keep my head clear when facing new situations. I was able to measure the impact and transforming ability that Jean Ratte has after listening to the problems people have presented him with. He is a novelty in the communication between human beings. With a coded precision scale, Jean Ratte detects the cause or causes of the body’s incriminated state which reveals almost every time unhealthy intellectual information. Most importantly, he awakens the path to life, breaking the mental rythm that was suffocating it.


We are presently witnessing a fast paced mutation of all the physical, psychological and mental processes which inevitably include the biological, chemical, molecular, atomical, quantum and subquantum processes. Jean Ratte’s work holds all its importance within these new scientific fields of investigation and particularly in the biomedical sciences. His research on the different levels of the expression of life, unsuspected at the beginning of the 20th century, reveals intellectual and affective unconditioning elements which free the energy within the body and allows the being to evolve.


Over a distance of 5,000 kilometres and 6 hours in time, our telephone conversations awakened my sense of analysis to a new level of understanding… an unknown level of consciousness, where I instantly am what I know, eliminating the observer and the observed in the infinite abundance of Life.


His approach led him to develop a new patient-illness relationship, far from traditional medicine and all therapy. Jean Ratte, analogic scanner, I truly hope you will be heard and read!


However, I cannot forget my dear friend lacide Gaboury who encouraged Jean Ratte to reveal his works and organized the publishing arrangements himself. Jean Ratte has written several works which are highly appraised and is an international conference speaker. He is a man of many talents; poet, author, philosopher and to top it off a talented pianist. But he is foremost a friend who can be relied on to guide us through the difficult moments of our existence. He is the head of the orchestra in the symphony of fraternity. May we keep our talented big brother for many years to come.


Foreword by Jean Ratte

Atomical physics is difficult to understand when we are only familiar with traditional mechanics. Much effort has to be made to fully comprehend these concepts because we are not facing the same reality, or rather it’s another aspect of the same reality with another logic, in other words, another vision.

It is equally important to change our views to understand holoenergetics. We must go from a two-dimensional photographic view to a three-dimensional holographic view. Herein lies the reason why it is so difficult to translate into laymen terms something that can unfortunately not be taken lightly. Why is L’Homme cellulaire (The Cellular Man) not ‘The Molecular Man’? It is not a question of reducing the human being to a simple cell but rather picturing him according to the holographic model which already contains an adult being’s complete program. The cell is the first independent and polarized biological individual, with a nucleus or core, with an outer shell or skin and an inner and outer form.

The embryo and the adult are composed of an eminently complex universe with a basic ternary tissue organization. The cell has an external membrane like the ectoderm giving the neural man, then the vacuoles and ribosomes of the protoplasm like the endoderm and finally a nucleus and microtubules like the mesoderm.

Figure 1 – The cellular mesoderm, microtubules and nucleus. The microtubule system is not only the cytoskeleton, but also the cell’s cardiovascular system, the core of the cell.

These anatomical analogies are not as noticeable as functional analogies.

In auriculomedicine, Nogier demonstrated the vibratory tissue characteristics of different embryonic cell-layers found in an adult in organs derived from these cell-layers.

Our own research has demonstrated that in molecular biology the informational triad DNA-RNA- Protein shows a vibratory community with different embryonic cell-layers; DNA with mesoderm, RNA with endoderm and finally protein membrane with ectoderm.

Figure 2 – Diagram of the embryo with its three tissue layers which will be characterized by different organs that retain the vibrating community of the original tissue.

The cell is the basic unit of a tissue network. It is the hologram of the human being which is itself a hologram of the universe; each human being is a cell of the planetary body. To break into a network of other realities it is necessary to travel through the cell.

Each of the cells found in the organism contains original information. The holoenergetic technique uses vibrations based on the resonance between the pigmented filters and cell pigments, detectable through the vascular amplification of the cell vibrations. This method will create a resonance between the different levels of organisation and transform the human body into an independent hypercell capable of global cohesion and harmony with all other cells. Global cohesion is created because of this local independence.

René Thom demonstrated the structural community of mathematics between the development of the embryo and the syntactic structure of the transitive sentence; subject, verb, object. In biolinguistics this suggests that the endoderm acts as the subject, the ectoderm as the object and the mesoderm as the verb.

R. Thom’s hypothesis is confirmed by the discovery of the biological vibratory equivalence between the cellular triad of molecular information, the tissue triad of the embryonic layer, the Hebraic letter triad, certain ideograms and certain pigments used in holoenergetics and takes us from the holographic paradigm to the biosemiotic paradigm. This states the presence of the sign and the meaning already found at the cellular and molecular levels. The fundamental vibratory unit of nature and culture is thus demonstrated.

However, holoenergetics is not a science proven by the mind but rather a knowledge felt by the whole body. One can make any proof thanks to ectoderm which provides the intelligence to the brain, but mesoderm, which provides the heart’s intelligence, allows us to improve ourselves.




Testimony by Ghislain de Longueuil


Ghislain de Longueuil holds a bachelor’s degree in nutritional organic chemistry, toxicology and psychology and has worked in research centers in Switzerland. Since his childhood, Ghislain de Longueuil has had special perceptive abilities such as being able to see auras and energy, vibrations and the colour of internal organs. He has actively collaborated with Jean Ratte in his research for many years. The following extract is preceded by an explanation of his experience and the nature of his clairvoyance


Q. : What is your interest in Mr. Ratte’s method?

A. : We have to go quite a while back. I had been seeing a client for a long time that I considered psychotic or schizophrenic. She would visit me on a regular basis. And then, one day, I saw her completely transformed. I asked her, ‘What magical potion have you been taking? She answered, ‘None, I discovered holoenergetics’. But I hadn’t quite understood, I only saw it as another method and asked her to explain it to me. Her bodies were well balanced, although she never could integrate her mental body, she couldn’t function well in society – this is what made me think she was a little psychotic. But after a few sessions in holoenergetics, I was intrigued because she had really changed.

Another person who had AIDS used to come see me and I’d help him try to manage his space. He said that he had started holoenergetic treatments. I realized that he was more at peace and that his energy field indicated less seismic activity. He suggested I get in touch with Jean Ratte, but I told him, ‘No, tell him to contact me’. (I am a solitary person and I don’t relate easily with people, especially those who believe to be healers). Mr. Ratte called me. We spoke and his voice suited me, it was honest. After several meetings with clients, I decided to pay him a visit. So, while he was examining the subject, I’d look at the energy layers. I would often see interferences between the bodies. There was a lot of activity going on. I told myself, ‘The energy circulates with this method.’ As they say, seeing is believing, and I saw.


Q. : Was something really happening during the sessions?

A. : Yes. Some people reacted well to the method and others very badly. That is where the risk lies. If people come and don’t want to heal, it will be difficult. The method will place them in a situation where they face a reality that creates a lot of instability. There are people who simply want to carry their pain and not want to heal.


If we can’t let go and feel all tense and afraid, holoenergetics won’t help, it will simply disturb. Often, we would like something to happen, to take its place, to heal, not spontaneously by following the course of life, but according to our own willingness. Those who search for all the possible means of healing by preserving a very stable and nourished mental structure will be upset by this method. They will be challenged by it. We need to let go. It is therefore not what we believe that counts, but what we must be.


This is what I liked about the method. I totally agree with what we must be, without judgement. No matter what we convey through our expressions, we are more beautiful by what we can be at the present time without frills. But people feel lost if they don’t have an image, a belief or a system to rely on. This is what will prevent the healing process. I am part of no belief, group or association. I work by word of mouth. My private life is important to me, I avoid publicity and work discreetly. I see about forty people on a weekly basis and I treat them as friends. This is the reason why I believe I can help them as they are.


Q. : Is there anything missing in this method?

A. : The problem is not that there is something missing, but rather that it attracts intellectuals. The problem stems from the way the method is welcomed, not in the way the method is proposed. We welcome in the way we are, how we are. The mystery around holoenergetics has attracted a certain category of people who have made it a somewhat intellectual phenomenon. It has taken the form of their own intellectualization.


Q. : What is the scientific point of view?

R. : Personally, I don’t think it is something worth scientific expertise. It is first of all a method, but a method that requires us to trust the intelligence of the people who perform holoenergetics and that we abandon ourselves to it. For holoenergetics to work, we have to abandon ourselves.


Q. : Could this been considered as self-healing?

A. : Yes, it’s a large part of it. I remember a particular session which was truly enlightening. I have realized that as I grow old I need a lot more exercise to get me out of my books and I had an accident while I was out in the country. I felt a lot of pain in my knee, so I decided to put a cast on it. I concentrated and was able to transcend the pain. The next day everything was fine. I went to see Mr. Ratte three weeks later. During the assessment I said, ‘What are you doing, it really hurts!’. Suddenly it came to me: I had stored the pain in my knee with my mind, but the assessment brought me back the spontaneous healing process, the body itself doing the healing and not the mind. The pain had come back but was very minimal, like a sprain feels after three weeks.


The method recreates energy circulation and gives back memories to the various regions. We have to be able to question ourselves to get the most out of holoenergetics. It positions us face to face with our reality. The ‘heal-me’ attitude does not work in this case. It does the opposite and blocks the process because the body has to heal itself without any outside help, or healer, or mental program or willingness.


Q. : Could this be the therapy of the 3rd millennium?

A. : That is exactly where I would place it. It brings us back to what is essential, brings us back to ourselves without the need for anyone or anything to provide us with a diagram or belief. It would be interesting for our youth to be exposed to this method seeing as they haven’t already been influenced by all the structures, methods, techniques, schools and therapies that are ‘in’. They could get in touch with themselves right at the start and could avoid all the damages. In my opinion, we have to be able to see ourselves as we are if we want to get ahead in life and holoenergetics would allow our youth to stay away from all sorts of addictions and propaganda.


For me, to evolve means to accept what we are and grow in what we are. We should not try to justify, interpret or understand suffering, but allow it to exist, allow grieving and abandonment, stop wanting to be someone, and stop running away.


I strongly believe in holoenergetics because there is no pre-established belief. It is possible that after an assessment, if someone does not feel well, it is necessary to find someone to help him through this stage. I think that if we want to face the next millennium, we will need a large dose of individual autonomy.




Commentary by Jean Ratte


With today’s technology, is it possible to study the subtle energies of the human body which are involved in holoenergetics? The techniques can’t disturb the present phenomenon. The problem is found in quantum physics with Heisenberg’s microscope. Observation brings about an annihilation of phenomenon which is observed. The photon used to detect the electron will disturb or more frequently destroy it. Only movement or position can then be studied. Subtle energies are composed of a dynamic system which cannot be stabilized. In neurobiology, resonance imaging gives interesting hemodynamic data, however, the presence of an ultra-high field obscures and disturbs the more subtle phenomena detected through holoenergetics resonance. This technique demonstrates how protons emit radio waves. Subtle energies detected by holoenergetic resonance are more subtle than electromagnetic waves such as radio waves. We suppose that these energies correspond to gravitational waves. Presently, there is no instrumental technology capable of confirming the hypothesis.


The same inconvenience can be found in Kirlian electrophotographic techniques which use high frequency electric fields. For this reason we have been looking for an instrument which will not disturb the subtle phenomena observed and which can establish reproducible correlations.

Ghislain de Longueuil, a man of science, experienced researcher and gifted clairvoyant, provided us with the instrument.


Retinal photoreceptors are pigments which transform a continuous form of light energy into a discontinuous form of electronic particle energy. The energy is then transmitted by the nerves to the brain where the largest concentration of ectoderm is found. Why can some people see vibrations that are not usually within the normal visible range? Is it because of the specific nature of the retinal pigments, a local property, or the body’s specific ability, a global property? There are no known biophysical studies of this phenomenon, from a mechanistic science point of view, which can confirm the theory, because there are no tools to record the information. The mechanistic view is monocular and therefore only one program can be detected. In order to detect volume or a 3D image, a binocular vision is necessary. Some people are incapable of seeing the stereogram and frustrated by it, refuse to communicate this possibility to others. Advanced science is beginning to explain the phenomenon. Arthur M. Young, inventor of the Bell helicopter, includes this phenomenon in his theory on the evolution of the conscience in The Reflexive Universe (Robert Briggs Associates Publisher, 1976). In addition, there is a citation from The Geometry of Meaning (Robert Briggs Associates Publisher,1980, p.131) applicable to this phenomenon, in which Arthur M. Young says, ‘The bumblebee, according to the theory of aerodynamics, cannot fly, but since the bumblebee knows nothing about aerodynamics, it goes ahead and flies anyway.’ Is a human view not limited to the visible range a remains of evolution or an inert capacity? According to Ghislain de Longueuil, we are all born with this capacity, but it is lost as early as childhood because of our education.


My surgical training, very pragmatic, led me to question the phenomenon of a special power that detects the organ’s cell vibrations and the suffering in the cells before it can be detected biochemically.


In 1995, during our research, without him knowing, I submitted G. de Longueuil to a counter-experience. We were studying the effects of certain molecular forms on energy bodies and with the help of my son, an engineering physicist acting as our subject, I took a chlorophyll sample and brought it to his ear. G. de Longueuil looked perplexed and asked me what relation there was between this filter and an increase in the lung’s oxygen when we were studying biochemically neutral substances. His remark incited me to continue the research to establish the correlations between electromagnetic aspects detectable via its photoreceptors and the gravitational aspects of human energy phenomena detectable with the vascular mesoderm.


What we must retain from G. de Longueuil’s testimony is the fact that holoenergetics brings us back to our body, in our physical space and challenges us with our present existential program. It brings us back to what is essential. According to our research, holoenergetics links the communication of all the energy centers and re-establishes a contact between the physical body and the subtles bodies up to causal plan. The fact that there is no resistance in the communication state between all the centers and all the energy bodies is comparable to the quantum coherence phenomenon in physics, which is typical to superconductors and laser radiation.




Afterword by Colette Chabot


Colette Chabot is a journalist, author, conference speaker and founder of CIME-FM, a progressive radio station. She has always had an open eye for important developments related to the understanding of the human being and has closely observed what Jean Ratte has done in holoenergetics.


Any ancient order disappears to be replaced by another! - Albert Low


My first encounter with Jean Ratte and holoenergetics dates back to 1992. A friend of mine had panic attacks that were so severe that she couldn’t drive her car. When her husband or sister drove her around, the noise from the city traffic would make her scream frantically and they found it difficult to tolerate. One day, over the radio, she heard about a method that “bypasses” the mind. Jean Ratte was being interviewed by Richard Cummings on Radio-Canada. Only one assessment was necessary for her to recover her physical and mental integrity.


Later, I had to interview Jean Ratte for a TV show. I went through his résumé and understood all the effort, research, inner strength and courage needed to explore this discipline that has taken time to be recognized and approved by common people. Is it really necessary? What is most precious in our lives should remain anonymous. Experience is self-sufficient.


As a journalist, I always experiment before talking about a subject are interviewing someone, so in the 90’s I had a first assessment.

I never thought pigmented filters which appear so insignificant, would have such an impact on an organism.In the third assessment I was submerged into total darkness. My life and perceptions were surrounded by a lead wall. When I told Jean Ratte about it he said, ‘perhaps, you have conjured total darkness by storing it rather than consuming it.’ This adventure which was far from insignificant made me somewhat angry. I have always kept in touched with Marie-Andrée and Jean Ratte. I have enormous respect for people who sail onto unknown waters and have the courage to be different. Of course, I have heard all kinds of criticism concerning holoenergetics. In addition, Jean Ratte is a highly trained scientist and researcher who builds bridges between so many different and complementary disciplines that I cannot understand everything he says. Very few scientists have followed a path such as his and gained such experience.


Au fil des ans, j'ai toujours entretenu le dialogue avec Marie-Andrée et Jean Ratte. J'ai un immense respect pour ceux et celles qui naviguent en mer inconnue en ayant le courage de leur différence.


Bien sûr, j'ai entendu toutes sortes de critiques sur l'holoénergétique. De plus, Jean Ratte est un scientifique et un chercheur de haut niveau qui établit tant de ponts entre tellement de disciplines différentes et complémentaires que je ne peux tout comprendre ce qu'il dit. Peu de scientifiques ont une telle trajectoire, un tel bagage.


Quand, il m'a parlé, des années plus tard, de ses expérimentations et de ses recherches avec les idéogrammes des langages sacrés, j'ai eu à nouveau le goût d'expérimenter. Cet été-là, une amie, qui avait pratiqué la médecine dans le Grand-Nord, habitait avec moi. Elle avait aussi enseigné la biologie à l'Université de Moncton.


Ensemble, nous avons vécu la nouvelle forme de bilan holoénergétique mise au point par la recherche incessante de Jean Ratte, nécessitant des instruments de mesure plus délicats et plus fins que toute la biotechnologie médicale ne pourra en créer.


J'avais pensé que mon amie Odette saisirait et décrirait mieux que moi l'envergure du nouvel apprentissage que nous expérimentions : un doctorat en médecine, une solide connaissance de la biologie pouvaient nous donner des explications, des réponses.


Through holoenergetics we become aware of the multidimensional aspect of the human being. . The subject is so rich and abundant, no study, no matter how advanced and multidisciplinary it may be, will be able to grasp the complexity of it. Luckily, my friend is a rather humble person, because even the most ‘intellectual’ of persons will have to admit the magnitude of the phenomenon . Each person is unique and each assessment is interpreted in a unique way.

We will always remember the summer of 2000, the summer where we experienced a series of five or six assessments that revealed inner shocks that would be interpreted in a completely unexpected way.

I have to admit to you the reader, that the focus of my perception had always been in my heart. After having experienced a series of extremely profound episodes of grief and deception, my perception focus was somewhat exposed. Everything would settle on a heart that had no protective shield. I could sense the life of people I’d meet. I could feel their emotions, their stories and sometimes their suffering. Yes, it was horrible!

Sometimes, my heart, my perception focus, would interpret all the human emotions so intensely that something inside me would have rather died than be the stage for what Eckhart Tolle called ‘the pain’s body of all humanity’.

Don’t be fooled, Jean Ratte’s holoenergetics is not medicine. It is rather an invitation to be. The flagship which leads to our inner self. Nothing is really stable during the journey, we sail on high tides and drop our anchor in bays in order to sail off again towards something better.

However, some people won’t feel anything or almost anything during the assessments, but the work is being done within. People will be surprised at how well it has worked and will notice remarkable changes in their every day lives. Others will witness complete discovery of a clear understanding interpreted moment by moment.


It can also be very strenuous! Our civilisation has taught us to think and reflect, manage and consent. But this way of acting is completely unnatural according to holoenergetics. Our ‘straight mind’ wants so many things for our body, our health, our loves, our children, our parents, our careers. Holoenergetics teaches us to be and live within the being.


The eastern civilization has great traditions that value only the germ. For years, I was addicted to this “germinal” literature trying to find a Truth that really converged the genuine human being. The western civilization focuses more on performance. Picture a horde of well dressed people with expensive cars and prestigious homes, vacation plans as structured as a daily planner and high profiled careers fitting perfectly well into their lives. This is the perfect image to cover up our little hearts and the beings that we are.

Albert Low said, ‘Anger is a result of a lack of creativity.’ Holoenergetics teaches us to respect anger, a cry from the heart and body.

Holoenergetics proposes incredible respect for our life and life in general. No mask or conditioning can resist! It relieves us from the knowledge we acquired from life.


Why and how can pigmented filters with sacred language ideograms have such an impact on the endoderm, the mesoderm and the ectoderm? I cannot possibly answer this question.


Jean Ratte often speaks of the subject, the verb and the complement in reference to inner and outer embryonic layers that are extremely receptive and expressive when given the appropriate language. I love the metaphors that Jean Ratte uses to express life more profoundly. I see a holoenergetic assessment as the possibility of the seed and the shell existing together in order for them to fertilize and live without crushing the other. The Great Life would then become a story of personal human development rather than a momentary social or cultural conditioning.


What does the future hold for this discipline? I have no idea seeing as it will be taught to people at the post doctoral level who will have attained the limits in their discipline and will resign to being therapists.


Finally, this new generation of holoenergetics will be one of wisdom and the recognition that a human being is complete and whole. Holoenergetics will be an instrument for recognition!


Citations taken from Albert Low, Creating the Conscience (Paris, Reliés Publishing,2000) and Eckhart Tolle, The power of the Now (Vancouver, Namaste Publishing Inc.,1997 (available in French at Ariane Publishing Inc.)