Holonergetics means that this approach concerns all physical and subtle energies of the human body which is a transformer and a hologram of the universe.

David Bohm, in physics, demonstrated the universe as a whole undivided both explicitly and implicitly.

Karl Pribram, in biology, demonstrated the memory as a hologram which is not located in the brain.

Paul Nogier is a physician specialized in physical therapy and acupuncture, from Lyon, France. He is also the author of The Man Behind the Ear. Before developing auriculomedicine, he first discovered a photographic approach called auriculotherapy, which is based on the idea that each body part is linked to a point on the ear. This was the starting point for the hologramic approach; each point on the ear corresponds to several organs of different embryonic origin. In 1985, Segondy and Piro, two of his students, discovered the Holonergetic organization chart which translates the specific hologramic energy structure of a human being.

In 1994, Jean Ratte’s research led him to use Abellio’s spherical ontological structure and he transformed the linear or local energy chart into a global chart. It is more dynamic and a greater local independence is apparent, which is a source of global cohesion.

Semantic mesodermic resonance, which explores the physical body’s metabolism and the subtle pericorporal fields, originates from the discovery of the vibratory equivalence found between certain pigments, geometric functions and Hebraic, Sanskrit and Chinese ideograms.