Programs within the Human Body
The ear is a hologram of the human body, as the human body is a hologram of the universe. The human being contains everything that precedes him in the evolution of life and the universe, and its body holds memories of all the preceding developmental stages. Each of these stages comprises a fundamental ‘plan’ or ‘program’ in the body. 

‘Interferences’ occur because of familial, social, and cultural influences and this keeps the body from correctly decoding the original programs, which in turn can provoke discomfort or even illnesses. 

The goal of holoenergetics is to help decode these programs which contain original information. Holoenergetics enters into resonance with memories or programs which are inaccessible to the normal mind or consciousness. The method makes decoding simple by establishing a direct dialogue with the body’s cellular memory, without the use of the mind. 

The holoenergetic method works like a hologram on the body’s energy. It is based on three principle facts: the ear is a hologram of the body; a vascular resonance is produced when light stimuli draws near the body; there are three arteries in each wrist (six in total) and each has its own resonance frequency corresponding to a biological development stage with its own specific memory and program. 

The human being is a receptor-transmitter-transformer. Each artery in the wrist is like a radio channel with its own frequency and program. Each of the six arteries has a resonance frequency with a pigmented filter. (For more information concerning the scientific aspects of holoenergetics, consult the publications and other sites of interest). 

When a pigmented filter having its own frequency is approached to the ear, each of the six wrist arteries will feel substantial resonance. These coloured gelatine filters give access to the six original programs that form the structure of the human being. All interferences can be eliminated by using the appropriate pigmented filters. The programs are hereby corrected and the missing or improperly assimilated information is brought back onto the body. In other words, the original memories are activated and the infected memories are neutralized. 

The holoenergetic assessment will work without the interference of the mind. Once an individual starts functioning according to his original program, he will have a greater understanding of his destiny, accept his limitations, find his true independence and discover the meaning and reason of his existence. The process will adapt itself to what the individual is experiencing at that specific moment.