2007 - Embryological embodiment of Protopsychism and Wave Function


Quantum Mind, Salzbourg, 17-20 July 2007

Jean Ratte
Agence de Recherche Épistémologie Appliquée (ARÉA)
Centre Holonergétique, Montréal, Québec, Canada

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According to Goethe the human body is the most sensitive tool to detect subtle process that technological devices cannot access. It is still true 200 years later.

Despite all the interesting data, neurobiological imagery is invasive and alters the subtle aspects of Mind process. For the last 20 years we use a clinical in vivo non invasive procedure that bridges this Incommensurability between physical correlates and the consciousness.

This Vascular Semantic Resonance (VSR) brings quantum microtubular level to macroscopic clinical detection, and shows symmetry or entangled resonance between map and territory, between molecule and the entangled memory or name of the molecule, between syntax and semantics.

The Cardiovascular network is a harmonic oscillator manifold bringing the quantummicrotubular level to macroscopic clinical detection.

Vascular system and microtubule are coupled harmonic oscillators (Abstract #330 Tucson2 and # 977 Tucson 3). There is Amplification of microtubules and receptor canals vibrations by the cardiovascular system which works as a resonant cavity, an interferometer, a multiplexing waveguide, a manifold. (See Roger Penrose; Road to Reality).

Resonance between micro-oscillators such as pericorporeal pigments and cellular pigments is the physical basis of VSR. . The vibratory equivalence of micro-oscillator pigments and ideograms, of phonemes and morphemes, is the biophysical basis of V S R, a complex biological spectrogram, accessing directly the meaning of signs, the qualia of quanta, resonating not only to the molecule but also to the entangled memory or functional signature of the molecule, detecting symmetry between Implicate and Explicate order.

This method shows the human body as radar, an interferometer not only for EM waves, but for the 4 fundamental interactions in their matter and antimatter aspects.

VSR shows a Vibratory Parallelism between embryological stages and the 4 fundamental interactions.

Operative or vibratory identity is not ontological identity.

The first undifferentiated stage or Morula resonates to Gravitation.

The second stage, Blastula, differentiates in Ectoderm and Endoderm with polarization of space in inside and outside. Ectoderm resonates to EM field. Endoderm, polarisation of anterior and posterior, resonates to Weak Nuclear field.

The third stage or Gastrula gives rise to the multiplexing mesoderm manifold, polarisation of time with bilateral symmetry, which resonates to Strong Nuclear Field.

This clinical tool gives new insights in the puzzle of consciousness by showing a multilevel vibratory commonality between Protopsychism, Wave function, Non Locality, Curvature Tensor and Gravitational field and Degeneracy.

These concepts resonate like the undifferentiated or prelogical stage or Morula. There is a vibratory scale resonance between quantum level and molecular, cellular and organism levels.

DNA shares a vibratory identity with Wave Function (W.F) or Protopsychism. Transcriptase implements a W.F collapse on RNA. Reverse Transcriptase brings back to DNA wave function, or Degeneracy.

Gametes Proliferation vibrates like W. F and Fecundation like Collapse of the W.F.

Potentialisation or Non Local vibrate like W. F and Actualization or Local vibrate like Collapse of W F

These clinical results indicate that W F is not only a mathematical device but a true subtle biophysical process like Protopsychism.

The Understanding of Vibratory commonality between quanta and qualia, betweencosmogenesis and ontogenesis, between matter and antimatter fields such as Vitiellodouble, requires a quantum leap from « Neuroectodermic »geometry to « mesodermic » Riemann hypergeometry (see Roger Penrose).

Morula is Prelogic.

Ectoderm is Logic of non contradiction; wave or particle.

Endoderm is Logic of contradiction, wave and particle.

Mesoderm is Logic of crossed double contradiction, hyper-symmetry matter-antimatter.

Keywords: Cardiovascular resonant cavity. Harmonic oscillator manifold. Multiplexing waveguide network. Vibratory identity of Morula, W.F and Protopsychism. Semantic resonance.. 
Abstract Comments: This clinical method shows a multilevel vibratory identity between quantum mechanical process such as Wave Function and Protopsychism and DNA and Gravitational Field. Collapse of Wave Function shares vibratory commonality With Transcriptase on RNA. The interest is the vibratory parallelism between the 4 fundamental physical interactions and 4 stages of development of embryo and their different logics. An epistemological leap is necessary to understand this clinical semantic resonance which gives us a rich biophysical semiology for the study of psychological or psychomotor problems where wave function cannot collapse.

© 2007 Jean Ratte