2007 - Vascular semantic resonance and Embryo-logics

Society for Scientific Exploration
East LansingMichigan State University, May 2007

Jean Ratte
Agence Recherche Épistémologie Appliquée,
Centre Holonergétique, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Montréal Québec Canada

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Clinical Research for the last 20 years suggests that the cardiovascular system works as a multiplexing waveguide carrying many signals, a resonant cavity amplifying the cellularmicrotubular vibrations, an interferometer detecting not only the EM waves but also the gravitational field, the strong and weak nuclear interactions, a manifold linking matter and mind..

The vascular system conveys transversal blood waves or pulse, waves of the content, known in medicine for ages. Less well known are the longitudinal and spiral waves of the vascular walls, waves of the container. These ones are the support of harmonic oscillation between cellular pigments and environmental pigments. The vascular network acts as a resonant cavity amplifying the cellular microtubular vibrations. This clinical vascular spectrogram shows the vibratory or operative identity of specific pigments and specific ideograms. However vibratory identity is not ontological identity. This clinical phenomenon gave rise to Vascular Semantic Resonance (VSR).This resonance or symmetry between syntax and semantics measures the effect of thoughts, spoken or written language, on the human body.

VSR shows that the 4 fundamental interactions share a vibratory identity with the developmental stages of the embryo or ontogenesis.

The undifferentiated stage or Morula resonates to Gravitation. The second stage or Blastula, inside/outside polarization of space, gives rise to Ectoderm resonating like EM, linear extension, and to Endoderm resonating like weak nuclear Field. Endoderm is also polarization in anterior/ posterior. The third stage or Gastrula gives rise to the implicate mesoderm, chirality and helicity, polarization of time and top/bottom gradient. These are not analogies but reproducible clinical results.


Each stage corresponds to a specific logic. The undifferentiated Morula is Prelogic. The Ectoderm is logic of non contradiction, of middle excluded, sensory « scientific objectivity »; wave or particle in physics. The Endoderm is logic of antagonism or contradiction; middle included, wave and particle. The Mesoderm is logic of the complex manifold, crossed double contradiction, hypersymmetry matter-antimatter.

What is anomalous for the ectodermic logic, Euclidean or linear « scientific » logic, is not anomalous for the second or endodermic logic. The third or mesodermic Riemann logic gives a view from the « center of the top » where dichotomies are replaced by poles of complex dynamic systems or holons integrating Matter and Mind in one living whole process.


Key words

Matter-Mind Link. Vascular spectrogram. Harmonic oscillator. Vibratory identity.Ontological identity. Parallelism embryo stages and physical interactions. Cosmogenesisand embryogenesis.


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