2008 - Embryology and Vascular Correlates of Consciousness. From the quanta to the qualia. From semiotics to semantics.

Jean M Ratte, MD
Centre Holonergétique. Agence Recherche Épistémologie Appliquée,
Montréal, Québec, Canada


Neuroimaging gives vascular as well as neural correlates of Cs. But the measuring device selects only a small part of the whole process. A complex process such as Cs can be measured only by a more complex and subtle filter. Our claim is that the cardiovascular network Manifold is such a filter with a Riemann Complex Hypergeometry (1) allowing Harmonic Resonance between all levels of complexity from the most basic physical principles to the most subtle aspects of the human body, from quanta to qualia, from semiotics to semantics or Consciousness..

In Tucson 2 (abstract #330) we proposed the Scale Invariance or Resonance between cellular Microtubular Network and organism vascular Macrotubular Network, the role of ectoderm to detect EM waves and the role of mesoderm to detect gravitational waves. The vascular system acts as an Amplifier of microtubular vibrations. In Tucson 3 (# 977) we proposed that this vascular mesodermic network is acting as a Radar. A cell or an organism cannot be a receiver if it is not also a transmitter. The human body, as a spectroscope, can detect the 4 fundamental interactions because it emits these 4 interactions.

In Quantum Mind 2007 (# 103) we described the role of Harmonic Oscillator Manifold of the vascular system that allows the detection of Vibratory Equivalence or Harmonic Resonance between the 4 layers of the embryo and the Space-Time energy-impulsion quadrivector. Ectoderm resonates to logic of non contradiction. Endoderm resonates to logic of contradiction. Mesoderm resonates to logic of crossed double contradiction (2). Time resonance and Space symmetry are unified.

These research programs stem out of the clinical use of Vascular Semantic Resonance, an in vivo real time biochemical bioassay based on the vascular resonance of pigments filters with intracellular pigments, catalysts of life process. Without pigments, there is no life, no memory and no Cs.

The vascular system is a Multiplexing wave guide carrying not only epicritic transversal blood pulse sine waves but also protopathic longitudinal parietal cosine waves.

Epicritic transversal or superficial sine waves are ectodermic nervous system waves. Protopathic or deep longitudinal cosine waves are mediated by the mesodermic vascular system, motor and connector Manifold.

These longitudinal mesodermic parietal waves act as amplifier of longitudinal waves of the microtubular network manifold that is sensible to 4 fundamental interactions and their harmonics from the atomic level to the Consciousness level, from the semiotic to the semantic level.

The vibratory equivalence between pigments and geometric operators, between pigments and hieroglyphics or written Hebraic and Sanskrit ideograms shows a biological embodiment of Eidetic Resonance, bypassing ectodermic sensory visual and auditory perception, giving some clues to Semiotics, based on the Body Schema. The mesodermic perception of written language allows a direct perception of the Meaning. Pigments are the first form of memory (3). They are micro-oscillators dynamic systems. Ideograms are also dynamic systems, memory of the action. Meaning is resonance between map and territory. The mesodermic manifolds, microtubular or cardiovascular, show the entanglement between map and territory, between function and graphic curve. The mesoderm resonates to the approach of the graph, memory of the function.

Semiotics or Syntax is unconscious process like breaking of symmetry in vector particles. Semantic is like gauge symmetry before it is broken and is the vibratory equivalent of the Conscious Process.

Semiotics is of the order of vectors and tensors. Semantic is of the order of spinors and twistors. (1) The more complex level allows the understanding of the less complex.

Semiotics is constituted by the equatorial plane of the spherical ontological dynamic structure of Abéllio that has an important heuristic value (2). Semantics is constituted by the orthogonal vertical axis of this ontological Riemann Sphere at all levels of complexity.

This rapid overview suggests that vascular semantic resonance is a solution to the”hard problem “in Cs studies, that quanta and qualia are 2 orthogonal aspects of the same biological phenomenon. It is the ectodermic Euclidian logic of non contradiction that creates this so called “hard problem” which disappears with the mesodermic logic of crossed double contradiction (2).

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Key words; Semantic resonance, microtubular & cardiovascular manifold, conformal Mapping. Multiplexing, harmonic oscillator. Mesodermic crossed double contradiction.