2008 - Renormalisation of the infinite and/or infinitisation of the finite


Texte pour SSE Boulder 2008

Jean M Ratte, MD
Agence Recherche Épistémologie Appliquée
Montréal, Québec, Canada



Renormalisation of the Infinite Paranormal or Infinitisation of the Finite Normal? 

Science is measure by definition. Only the Finite or Local or Normal can be measured and the Infinite or Non Local has to be renormalized because it is immense (Latin; immensus = immeasurable), it has no or too many dimensions. It is Paranormal.) 

The physicist can rule out or « renormalize » the Infinite when it is encountered in his equations. The physician cannot renormalize the Infinite when it is encountered in human beings. 

Vascular Semantic Resonance (VSR) is a clinical tool described previously (1, 2, 3) based on Mesodermic resonance, that can give some epistemological clues to solve the problem of the Paranormal `s existence. ( 

Mesodermic cardiovascular system is an in vivo dynamic spectroscope of living processes and Life. It is a multiplexing harmonic oscillator manifold resonating to all levels of complexity, from the biochemical level down to the fundamental interactions and up to the most subtle aspects of the Mind. The Mesoderm acts as a Semantic Probe resonating directly to the Meaning of Morphemes. Embryology shows that the mesoderm is at the same time container and content, local intra-embryo and non local extra-embryo. This anatomical fact helps us to understand that Mesodermic semantic vascular resonance can detect local finite and non local infinite dynamisms. 

The Finite or Local is vibratory equivalent to the Explicate order of David Bohm and the Normal.  Infinite or Non Local is equivalent to the Implicate Order or Paranormal.

VSR suggests that the human being is a finite-infinite couple linked by the Transfinite. Cantor in « Foundations of a General Theory of Manifolds », (section 5) says « As limited as human nature may in fact be, much of the infinite nonetheless adheres to it ». (4).The Transfinite of Cantor as the harmonic resonator between Finite and Infinite Is an epistemological solution to the existence of the Paranormal. . 

The semiotic is local and non local. The semantic is transfinite.  The transfinite is a link between Infinite and Finite, and between Matter and Antimatter, between Quanta and Qualia.  Transfinite Vascular Semantic Resonance allows us to detect the Antimatter Biofield or Aura and its problems of communication with the Matter Human Body.

VSR suggests that UFO is a Matter EM Black Hole accompanied by an Antimatter EM White Hole, vibratory equivalent of Hypnosis.

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© Jean Ratte