2019 - The Genesis of the Pericorporal field

Genesis of the pericorporal field

Reading the former conferences which display the experimental basis of the vascular bio-semantic resonance allows a better grasp of this text.

Its understanding requires to overcome, as a first stage, the epistemological obstacles between the linear logic of non contradiction and the quantic logic of contradiction, and, as a second stage, the obstacles between the quantic logic of contradiction and the non-linear spherical logic of sub-quantic double crossed contradiction.

The vascular bio-semantic resonance detects phenomena which are inaccessible to contemporary science as it can only measure the local centrifugal. It allows to understand the genesis of the peri-corporal field. Abellio's SUS, the Spherical Universal Structure, a constant at every level of reality, delivers an analytical grid of those different realms.

The peri-corporal field bears a paramount, though lesser known, importance. The deficiencies lead to problems that current biomedical science cannot solve.

The aim of this presentation is to highlight the importance of the cathode function and the anode function which make up a fundamental dynamic couple in the metabolism of the peri-corporal field.

A receiver anode and an emitter cathode are the transformers between the physical matter field and the antimatter peri-corporal field. As poles of the semantic vertical axis, problems at the level of poles reflect disturbances at the level of the axis. Disturbances of the subquantum axis can indicate a lack of connection with the meta-quantic centre.


Figure 1

Diagrams of the Spherical Universal Structure with the different levels of reality. It is the geometric representation of a dynamic process.

The nonlinear ≈ global. In the global, the point of reference is the center. Similarly to the tip of a cone containing as much information as the whole cone, the center of the sphere contains as much information as the whole sphere.

The holosemantic method (holonergetics) does not trigger some alignment, nor balance, but a refocusing. Information from the centre spreads throughout the sphere.

The human body is a radar (interferometer) and a spectroscope. It is a part that resonates with the Whole.

The All is centripetal and belongs to the Non-Local.

The part is centrifugal, and belongs to the local.

Science can only measure the local.

Abellio has emphasized the importance of two universal keys: separating amplitude and integrating intensity which are vibratory equivalents of the ideogrammic operators Beith and Aleph.

The vascular bio-semantic resonance shows the vibratory and operative equivalents of these two concepts that are found at all levels of the Spherical Universal Structure (SUS)

A vibratory equivalence translates an operative equivalence or common function.

Separating amplitude  centrifugal ≈ antagonism ≈ explosion

                                               ≈ local ≈ part ≈ digital

                                               ≈ analysis ≈ differentiation ≈ diabol

Integrating intensity     ≈ centripetal ≈ complementarity ≈ implosion

                                          ≈ Non-Local ≈ The Whole ≈ analog

                                               ≈ catalysis ≈ integration ≈ symbol

The cathode function corresponds to the separating amplitude, or Beith operator.

The anode function corresponds to the integrating intensity, or Aleph operator.

No unity without duality. Unity is a couple. A couple is made up of two complementary or centripetal and antagonistic or centrifugal forces.

This duality is found at all levels of the sphere:

  • Corpuscular wave duality at the quantum, semiotic, ontic level.
  • Analog / digital duality at the subquantum, semantic, ontological level.
  • Being / non-being duality at the level of the Metaquantum One.


Figure 2

As a spectroscope, the human body can detect all planes of reality. The quantum level is made up by duality or the matter / antimatter couple.

The human body is a matter and antimatter radar. Life is a complex of matter combined with antimatter.


Non-living matter is out of phase with antimatter, which produces gamma radiation.

Vascular bio-semantic resonance shows a discontinuous matter spectrogram corresponding to the four fundamental forces of interaction and a continuous antimatter spectrogram.

Figure 3

At the quantum level, the vibratory equivalence between catalyst pigments and ideograms shows the wave-particle duality : presence of vibrations of the corpuscular discontinuous matter type of the physical body, and undulatory vibrations of the continuous antimatter type of the pericorporal field.

Each fundamental matter-like interaction of the physical body is coupled with its antimatter antisymmetry.

Figure 4

The pericorporal field is double: a discontinuous matter sector and a continuous antimatter sector.

The antimatter pericorporal field presents a centripetal-centrifugal duality, known in Sanskrit for millennia.

Converging or centripetal waves are faster than light. They appear in the fetus at three to four months. Their late appearance causes prematurity.

Centrifugal divergent or delayed waves are slower than the speed of light. They appear in the baby at around three to four months. The newborn does not yet have an emotional or mental body. He or she is in symbiosis with the maternal pericorporal field.

Being / non-being duality at the level of the Metaquantum One.

The Metaquantum Center is characterized by centripetal / centrifugal dynamic duality as a Non-Local / local bias that permeates the subquantum and quantum planes of the SUS. The center can only be visualized geometrically by the symbol of the mandorla where the center of one circle corresponds to the periphery of the other, and the center of the other corresponds to the periphery of the first:


Figure 5

This representation of the mandorla, symbol of the One, or Metaquantum Center, illustrates this concept that the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere, in other words, that it is Non-Local. Our geometry of local sensory origin cannot represent the Non-Local. The centrifugal cannot grasp the centripetal.

The One is Being + Not-Being.

The central level, place of substantiation, is a centripetal / centrifugal dynamic process. It is the "integrating intensity / separating amplitude" couple, implosion / explosion.

A couple is made up of two complementary and antagonistic forces. We play 'with' and 'against'. We find this breathing, this systole / diastole in the subquantum axis and in the quantum energy turbine (re. Fig.1).

Physiological torsion with 180-degree inversion between the two poles, like the pedals of a bicycle crankset. A 90-degree distortion or a 45-degree confusion is pathogenic.

Centripetal ≈ Non-Local. Centrifugal ≈ local.

The Whole is centripetal, belongs to the Non-Local. The part is centrifugal, belongs to the local. Science can only measure the local.

The Having is local. The knowing is intellectual having.

The Being is Non-Local.

This centrifugal local / centripetal Non-Local polarization, of central origin, reverberates at the subquantum and quantum level.

The vertical axis is made up by a double synchronous current, ascending towards the cathode and descending towards the anode.

1/ Transfinite ≈ non-finite ≈ Non-Local.

2/ Inverse transfinite ≈ finite ≈ local.



The poles of the vertical axis are the areas of inversion between local and Non-Local (Figure 6).

The cathode expresses the local or separating amplitude.

The anode expresses the Non-Local or integrating intensity.

Cathode   ≈ antimatter intensification TN 4K → matter amplification TB 4D ≈ quadrature of the circle ≈ passage from the infinite circle to the finite square ≈ Immanence.

Anode     ≈ transformation from intensified matter TN 4D to amplified antimatter TB 4K ≈ circulature of the square ≈ transformation from the discontinuous matter square to the continuous antimatter circle ≈ Transcendence.

The pericorporal field is constituted by antimatter. It is generated by the anode. A deficiency at the anode leads to a deficiency of the pericorporal antigravity field, responsible for intense chronic fatigue. An activation of the anode restores this field which supports the physical body.

The poles of the vertical axis form a couple, like the two pedals of a bicycle crankset. When the cathode is up, the anode is down. When the anode is up, the cathode is down. The 180ο rotation and inversion of the poles ensures health.


Figure 6

The quantum equatorial plane is the projection of the sub and metaquantum planes.

The metaquantum plane ≈ locus of local / Non-Local polarization.

The subquantum plane ≈ locus of space / time polarization.

Evolution from metaquantum to quantum ≈ Emergence.

Involution from quantum to metaquantum ≈ Immergence.

At the level of the vertical semantic axis, the local centrifugal / Non-Local centripetal polarization translates semantically into the analog / digital duality, and physically into the space / time couple. This is the origin of biological laterality. The centrifugal becomes dextrorotatory, the centripetal becomes levorotatory.


Table 1

The cathode = emitter = conversion of antimatter into matter = separating amplitude.

The anode = receiver = conversion of matter into antimatter integrating intensity.

The Cathode → 4 discontinuous matter dynamics

The Anode → 4 continuous antimatter dynamics

Note: Inversion of cathode and anode in the left-handed person. Laterality is the expression of 'centripetal / centrifugal' metaquantum dynamics at the quantum level.

Centripetal → levorotatory. Anode is levorotatory.

Centrifugal → dextrorotatory. Cathode is dextro-rotatory

One finds this inversion of cathode and anode in constitutional homosexuality, despite a right-handed motor laterality. This makes it possible to differentiate constitutional homosexuality from acquired homosexuality.


Table 2

This table presents the scale of increasing complexity of the semantic subquantum vertical axis. We go from the energetic ontic semiotics to the semantic ontological plane.

It is the passage from quantitative to qualitative, from quantum to subquantum.

The vascular bio-semantic resonance makes it possible to detect the different levels of misalignment, sources of anxiety and anguish.


Inversion of the pericorporal field between head and body

Figure 7

The antimatter pericorporal field shows the same inversion as the motor neurological decussation between the head and the body.

The causal layer, or Anandamaya, which is farthest from the body is nearest to the head. We note an inversion of this physiological inversion during deep sleep.

Vascular bio-semantic resonance shows that the pericorporal field has matter-like vibrations as well as antimatter-like vibrations. It allows to specify the nature of the different names assigned to this field.

Table 3

From "Bio-semantics of Syntropy",

Viterbo Congress, 2013.




Pericorporal field of the fetus and newborn

Figure 9

Comparison between the pericorporal field of the newborn and that of the one-month-old fetus. The latter has an automatic matter ego but not yet a pericorporal alter ego.

It is also the spectrogram of the zombie, of Alzheimer's, reverse quantum tunnel effect.

Figure 10

The newborn does not have a manomaya emotional body, nor a vijnamaya mental body, corresponding to the delayed light waves. He or she presents only the pranamaya vital body and the anandamaya causal body, corresponding to the advanced superluminous waves.



The pericorporal field during evolution

Figure 11

The pericorporal field of birds and dogs has a prana vital body and a mano emotional body, but no mental body nor causal body.


Pericorporal field and neotenia

Figure 12

Monkeys and dolphins have a vital body, an emotional body and a mental body, but no causal body. It follows that a baby monkey becomes an adult faster than a human baby.

The alter ego pericorporal field resonates with the neocortex. The ego resonates with the limbic system.


Premature pericorporal field

Figure 13

The premature baby who is born at six months gestation has no detectable pranamaya vital body or anandamaya causal body. The advanced superluminal waves are missing to ensure the final development.

The antimatter pericorporal field is in resonance with the alter ego neocortex. The matter body field is in resonance with the limbic ego


Pericorporal field of the prophet

Figure 14

Spectrogram of the quantum tunneling effect, identical to that of épochè, of prophet. The matter ego is not detectable. Only the antimatter alter ego is detectable.



Inversion of matter cathode and antimatter anode radiation in left-handed people.

Left-handed type inversion in a homosexual who claims to be right-handed. A way to detect the real homosexual?

In homosexuality, aleph ≈ centrifugal, beith ≈ centripetal. The laterality problem is metaquantum.

Permutation of vibrations four dynamisms of matter type and four dynamisms of antimatter type during deep sleep.



At the level of the quantum equatorial plane, the wave-particle duality results in a discontinuous matter physical body and a continuous antimatter pericorporal field.

The quantum level is the projection of the subquantum and metaquantum planes

At the level of the subquantum vertical axis, the fundamental analog-digital duality is expressed in the physical body by the cathode and the anode. The cathode analyzes, the anode catalyzes.

The cathode pumps the antimatter pericorporal field which it transforms into physical body matter.

The anode intensifies the material physical body which it transforms into an antimatter pericorporal field.

A deficiency in the anode causes the antigravity pericorporal field to no longer support the physical body under gravity.

Hence the crippling fatigue. Deficiency of the anode results in acceleration of the cathode.

The anode is alkaline, it's the receiver.

The cathode is the emitter, it lights up, but it burns. It is acidic. Its excess leads to inflammation, intoxication, acidosis.

Excess cathode results in inflammatory phenomena. A deficiency of the cathode results in degenerative phenomena.


The pelvis as anode generates the antimatter pericorporal field, as a gyroscope controls the local space and the stability of the standing position.

The activation of the anode will slow down the cathode and thus reduce chronic inflammation

The anode function exists at all levels, from the atom to the molecule, to the cell, to the organ, to the organism.

Deficiencies in anode function are responsible for many problems that cannot be solved in a mechanistic paradigm.