2020 - Biosemantics of pandemic

Biosemantics of pandemic

by Jean Ratte

Biosemantic resonance spectrometry of the word 'pandemic' shows a space-time distortion.

It is the spectrogram of nightmare, chimera, mirage, utopia. The so-called sanitary measures cause hyperactivity of the cathodic function with acidosis and a decrease in individual and collective immunity. A reading of the 2019 conference "The Genesis of the Pericorporal Field" is essential for the comprehension of the present text.

To understand these surprising results, one must be familiar with the data of the vascular biosemantic resonance, which confirms the validity of the global model of Abellio, which itself makes it possible to understand the complexity of the living.

This model is an invariant at all levels of reality. It shows that the quantum energy turbine is controlled by the subquantum modem. The frame of reference of a sphere is its center. The centripetal or centrifugal aspect illuminates all planes. Science can only measure the centrifugal (Figure1).

Figure 1

(All figures and tables are currently in French, but their translation is almost  straightforward)

The human body is a radar that detects the four forms of energy: electro-weak and gravito-strong and their antimatter pairs. Living things are a complex of matter combined with antimatter (Figure 2).

This human radar directly detects the meaning of the information brought close to the body, without going through the senses. It can only resonate with constituted or constructed information already present in the body.

The centrifugal-centripetal duality is fundamental. One cannot be centrifugal if one is not simultaneously centripetal. The centrifugal is a transmitter; the centripetal is a receiver – a radar is a good example.

Figure 2

Biosemantic resonance detects quantum, subquantum and metaquantum levels.

Each level is constituted by a duality or dialectic between two poles.

The semantic vertical axis ends with two functional poles: a centrifugal cathode function and a centripetal anode function.

Centrifugal transmitter cathode, explosive, radiant, illuminating but inflammatory, burning, acidifying light source, materializing white hole (big bang).

Centripetal receiver anode, imploding, transforms local matter into non-local antimatter.

The cathode and anode functions are present at all levels, cellular, organ and organism. For example, at the cellular level, a blockage of the membrane anode leads to insulin resistance.

In the human body, the throat and the lungs belong to the transmitting cathode function, as well as the arms which emit signals (Semaphores).

The pelvis and the lower limbs belong to the anode function which grounds and generates the pericorporal antimatter field.

The anode and cathode functions are responsible for the homeostasis or acid-base balance of the body. The body is a stationary wave between the acidic explosive centrifugal cathode and the alkaline implosive centripetal anode (see Table 1).

Table 1

The anode grounds (electrically). There is no excess of the anode function in the living.

The anode generates the antimatter pericorporal field that the cathode will transform into matter.

If this pericorporal antimatter field is deficient, the cathode will try to compensate, but by increasing the toxic acidosis.

The autonomic system expresses problems at the quantum level. The vibratory equivalences between neuromediators and fundamental interactions make it possible to understand the origin of certain symptoms (Figure 3).

Orthosympathetic is catabolic diabolic centrifugal.

Parasympathetic is centripetal symbolic anabolic. Parasympathetic is antivirus.

Antigen is the vibrational equivalent of orthosympathetic hypertonia.

Antibody is the vibrational equivalent of parasympathetic hypertonia.

Virus is centrifugal, the vibratory equivalent of orthosympathetic hypertonia.

Figures 3 and 4 illustrate these vascular biosemantic resonance data.

Figure 3
Figure 4
The quantum energy turbine works thanks to the subquantum central axis which acts as a modem.

The autonomic system controls the metabolism.

Metabolism is the interplay of catabolism and anabolism.

Catabolism analyses; breaks down a whole into its elementary constituents.

Anabolism catalyzes; the synthesis of a whole from its parts.

The spherical structuring of the living entails a 'centrifugal breadth'-'centripetal intensity' dialectic at all levels. It makes it possible to understand the transition from quanta (measurable quantity) to qualia (intensity not measurable but detectable by vascular biosemantic resonance).

Table 2
Biosemantic resonance spectrometry of the word pandemic shows a space-time distortion. It is the spectrogram of nightmare, chimera, mirage, utopia.

This distortion of space-time affects the subquantum modem. The analog-digital duality is disrupted. The excess of digital modulation can no longer be demodulated into analog. The excess of analysis inhibits catalysis. The parts can no longer be recomposed into a Whole. The trees hide the forest. The subquantum problem manifests as an overactive cathode that results in toxic acidosis disrupting the quantum energy turbine.

Regarding the pandemic, the corona virus is a viral chimera. A virus is centrifugal. The crown of protein thorns expresses this radiant explosive centrifugal character.

The god Pan is a chimera. Goat and human with evil centrifugal horns. It causes the panic of Panurge's sheep who have no panoramic panacea.

He will serve as a model for the devil in Christian mythology, resulting in some semantic confusion with Satan who represents grounding.

Symbolic centripetal or intensifying integrative complementarity constitutes the anode.

Diabolic centrifugal or separating amplifying antagonism constitutes the cathode.

Metabolism is the dialectic of the couple 'diabolic catabolism'-'symbolic anabolism'.

Dialectic of the complementary symbolic centripetal and the diabolic centrifugal antagonist.

Stress is a confinement in local space or in local time. It is the lack of access to the non-local that leads to illness. The work of Henri Laborit has indeed clarified this mechanism. A popularization was made with Alain Resnais' film " My American Uncle" in 1980 (« Mon Oncle d'Amérique »).

Immunization occurs through compensatory parasympathetic hypertonia with functional recovery of the non-local space.

Immunity is the unity between local and non-local, at the quantum, subquantum and metaquantum levels.

The characteristic anosmia and ageusia of the disease can be understood by looking at the diagram of the quantum energy turbine. The four main senses correspond to the four matter dynamisms. Vision and hearing correspond to electro-weak or centrifugal or local forces. Smell and taste correspond to gravito-strong or centripetal or non-local forces.


Vibratory equivalences with sensory resonances

The holographic principle says that each part contains the information of the whole. The body is an harmonic oscillator.

The sense organs correspond to the four fundamental interactions of the energy turbine.

Vision ≈ electromagnetic local time.

Hearing ≈ weak nuclear local space.

Smell ≈ gravitational non-local space, guide of migratory birds and salmons. Non-local space ≈ Scent/Perfume of life; species space, connective space, conjugal space; space of pleasure with dopamine, endocannabinoids and the Nitrous Oxide secondary messenger (laughing gas).

Taste ≈ strong nuclear non-local time.

These four senses correspond to the matter-type quantum energy turbine. Proprioception belongs to the antimatter pericorporal field. The dissociation between matter dynamisms and antimatter dynamisms denotes a lethal stage.

Local is measurable centrifugal. Non-local is non-measurable centripetal.

Denied access to the non-local centripetal defines stress:

- a blockage of the non-local centripetal space results in anosmia, the loss of the scent/perfume of life;

- a blockage of non-local centripetal time results in ageusia, the loss of the spice of life.

Ageusia: Loss of taste that resonates with strong nuclear dynamism or non-local time.

Reflects a deficiency in non-local time dynamism or a distortion of the 'local time'-'non-local time' couple.

The vascular aspects reflect the impairment of the intraembryonic mesoderm dynamism.

The correspondence between the sensory organs and the four material dynamisms of the energy turbine allows the understanding of the different stresses.

The four main senses which are divided into centrifugal or electro-weak, and centripetal or gravito-strong, illustrate the conflict between local centrifugal and non-local centripetal.

Figure 5

Anosmia: loss of smell, damage to the rhinencephalon, which detects the gravitational field of birds and fish, insects, and pheromones.

Anosmia reflects flight/escape stress; no access to non-local space of gravitational type. A disturbance at this level blocks immunity. Damage to extra-embryonic dynamism.

It is the space of the species, the space of germs, the connective space, the conjugal space.

Loss of the scent/perfume of life that no longer smells.


Anosmia and ageusia reflect significant stress with excess of inflammatory centrifugal local of the cathode function. Social confinement generates flight/escape stress, no access to non-local space.

Social distancing breeds struggle-type stress; the Other One is a danger we fear and hate, and we cannot win over him/her. No access to non-local time.

The lack of access to the anodic centripetal non-local leads to an excess of the acid cathodic function with inflammation of the airways transmitting voice and receiving oxygen.

The depletion of the cathodic function causes the degenerative process of the lungs and vessels. Homeostasis is exceeded. The basic anode can no longer balance the acidosis of cathodic origin. Necrosis will replace physiological apoptosis.

The history of science shows that the classical linear logic of non-contradiction is still influential. The corpuscular or digital aspect still predominates.


Historical and logical considerations

The Pasteur/Béchamp Quarrel ≈ quarrel of the germ and the breeding ground (the host or internal environment of a patient's body).

For Louis Pasteur, the germ is everything, the breeding ground is nothing.

For Antoine Béchamp, the breeding ground is everything, the seed is nothing.

Photo 1
The historical germ-breeding ground dispute is an expression of the wave-particle duality of classical physics. The seed is corpuscular, the breeding ground is wave, or field, by definition. The logic of non-contradiction is a pair of glasses that detects one or the other. It still permeates today's mainstream scientific discourse.

Quantum physics introduced the logic of contradiction which makes it possible to see that an object is both corpuscular and undulatory in nature, depending on the angle of vision or observation device. Every aspect depends on the perspective.

Figure 6

At the subquantum level, the vertical axis is a 'modem'.

Modulation analyzes, breaks the whole into parts. The catabolic diabolic centrifugal outweighs the anabolic symbolic centripetal.

Demodulation catalyses, recomposes the parts into a whole. The anabolic symbolic prevails over the diabolic catabolic.

Immunity is a demodulation of the modulator virus. It is the integration of the local centrifugal into the non-local centripetal. It is the integration of the digital into the analog.

Immunity requires an energetic turbine with a balance between electro-weak centrifugal dynamisms and gravito-strong centripetal dynamisms. Anosmia and ageusia denote the deficiency of gravito-strong dynamisms, or non-local, which cannot integrate the electro-weak centrifugal local.

Importance of derived logics and paradigms.

Let's replace "quarrel", or conflict, with dialectic

          ≈ germ–breeding ground quarrel

          ≈ corpuscular–wave quarrel

          ≈ analog–digital quarrel

          ≈ centripetal–centrifugal quarrel

          ≈ local–non-local quarrel

There is a quarrel when there is no dialectic between the two poles of the same reality.

It is distressing to see that Pasteurian thought still sterilizes minds, and that more importance is given to a virus than to the immune field of the body. This is the problem of the digital which can no longer be integrated into the analog, of the corpuscular without waves. The trees prevent us from seeing the forest. An anxiogenic multiplicity cannot be reduced to unity.

English translation: François Bruley