Who chooses holonergetics?

Most people who have turned to holonergetics for treatment have done so because allopathic or alternative medicine failed to resolve their problems.

Certain people choose holonergetics after having witnessed changes in the behaviour of relatives, friends or acquaintances, or had in certain cases spontaneously quit smoking or drinking as a result of holonergetic assessment. Others turn to holonergetics because they feel stressed out, confused, anxious, disoriented, or worn-out by difficulties in their life.

All these signs and obstacles often arise after we have been misled on the meaning of existence and life. The reason holonergetics is an effective method is because of the fact that it does not only focus on physical comfort. It opens up to the meaning of existence which is a materialization of life. A holoenergetic assessment will give the body the opportunity to clarify and decode its programs. The body will receive necessary guidance to find its way through life’s obstacles.

Compatibility of holoenergetics with other approaches Holoenergetics is compatible with allopathic medicine which can be compared to mechanics, whereas holoenergetics can be compared to computing. Once the programs are sorted out, the mechanics become more efficient.

Aftermath of holoenergetic assessment

What happened?
Holoenergetic assessment is based on the vascular resonance that exists between the pigmented gelatine filters and the cellular pigments which enable the chemical reactions of life. Life wouldn’t exist without pigments and we wouldn’t be here to discuss it. During the assessment, the operator places these pigmented filters inline with your ears or certain parts of the body. The operator detects the vascular resonance by placing his thumb on three different points on each wrist which corresponds to three arteries. The arteries amplify the cellular reactions.

What does the assessment do?
Those who research holoenergetics have found that body cells are ‘programmed’ and that six programs exist, each having its unique vibratory frequency. Throughout our lives, events, our surroundings, the socio-cultural environment and various circumstances bring on interferences that can disrupt our innate programs and divert them from their respective frequency.
The assessment will redirect each program to its proper frequency and erase the interferences. Then, the global consciousness of our body will recover access to the memories of our different programs and decode the information contained in our cells. The decoding process short-circuits both the mental system and the nervous system.

What is felt during and after the assessment?
The decoding process is like a thorough cleansing or thawing. Everyone has a different content in their program, so reactions may vary from one person to another. The goal of decoding is to become your ‘true’ self again.

No reaction – You may get the impression that nothing has happened, but there is always underground work that has been done after an assessment and chances are that people around you will notice a change and tell you that you are ‘different’ (you are more calm, more optimistic, in a better mood or have a healthier ‘look’ or sense of well-being). You could also simply notice that you are distancing yourself from the person created by socio-cultural influences.

Pleasant reaction – You may feel more relaxed, that you are sleeping better or that you are in a better mood, that you have less to carry on your shoulders, your dreams can change, or you can simply feel better about yourself. Some people feel a well being that they have never experienced before. In some cases, the physical symptoms or psychological problems that made life unbearable disappear spontaneously.

Unpleasant reaction – The decoding process may cause you to relive painful experiences (physical or psychological) that you have stored but never consumed. So, if the mind was able to handle these traumatizing events, but the body was not able to absorb them, then the body could possibly have kept them in its memory without you being aware. Therefore, decoding can awaken these memories and reproduce them.

You could possibly have a difficult reaction, anger, sadness, or depression, if such memories were awakened. Some people experience all the frustrations that they have never been able to express. Another possibility is that any aggressive behaviour that has been repressed, may rise. However, don’t worry, difficult reactions are only temporary.

Generally, your reactions will allow you to better understand these painful moments and understand their purpose. Normally, you should look at these events as a challenge or obstacle that you have overcome, and not a situation in which you were the victim. You will then be able to escape from it and recover your freedom.

Change of attitude – An assessment can help you to free yourself from your socio-cultural influences and become more genuine. This is why some people can communicate unpleasant things as well as pleasant ones and they accept the fact that it is not essential to please everyone.

What should we do?
There is not much to be done and no mental effort to be made. Most of our problems stem from what goes on in the mind, so the mind cannot help us at this time.

We must let the decoding process do its job at its own rythm. Any attempt to use your mind in order to get a faster result will only interfere.

What if I have problems supporting an unpleasant reaction?
If you need help or support, we can refer you to a professional such as a doctor or a psychologist, according to your needs. Experiencing strong unpleasant reactions rarely happens, however, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What should be avoided?
Earrings – Wearing earrings (for pierced ears) or navel jewellery is not recommended. They are electronic parasites, which give off background noise making the decoding process more difficult. They are similar to a computer virus which will impose certain information to the subconscious. You may however, wear earrings for non-pierced ears. Simply remove them if any pain is felt. The difference between both types of earrings is that those for pierced ears act on the subconscious and there is no defence against this type of information. The body will often express its dissatisfaction through headaches and swelling in order to get rid of the foreign matter. Both the ears and the navel are excellent connection zones between the physical body and the subtle bodies. Earrings and piercings block out this communication.

What about medicine?
Holoenergetics is compatible with traditional medicine seeing as it acts locally. Chemical drugs (prescriptions for example) will not interfere with the decoding even if they sometimes cause very unpleasant side effects.

After the first assessment
It is during the first holoenergetic assessment that the body receives all the necessary information to access the original memories. At the end of the first assessment, the vascular signal cannot detect interferences which means that each program is on its frequency.

In order to verify that the body has correctly decoded its programs, a second assessment is required. The date may vary depending on the individuals. If the decoding worked, then the body will indicate other problems to be solved. If it didn’t decode properly, then the interferences which appeared the first time will appear again. The holoenergetic assessment may have to be repeated three or four times, depending on the scope of the problems, in order to get a stable balance.

Frequency of assessments
In order to reach a stable balance, an average of three to five assessments are necessary. Each assessment leads to a complete balance, but a confrontation between the ability to balance and parasite memories can be noted. Ground is covered each time and in the end we remain well balanced.

What if I have other questions?
For a more comprehensive understanding of the holoenergetic method, works and articles on the subject are available. L’homme cellulaire (The Cellular Man) offers a more elaborated explanation and includes testimonies of people who have experienced holoenergetics. However, in order for the assessment to work, it is not necessary to have a full comprehension of the holoenergetic technique.

Conferences for small groups can be organized upon request.