2019- Disturbance of the pericorporal field

Disturbances of the pericorporal field

This presentation is the continuation of "Anode-cathode couple"; Genesis of the pericorporal field, 


The pericorporal field is a biophysical reality known for millennia, but ignored by current biomedical science still stuck in a reductionist mechanistic paradigm that can only measure the quantifiable centrifugal.

We must remember that the human body, being a complex of matter combined with antimatter, can therefore detect phenomena inaccessible to current technology. It can resonate with antimatter and with infinity.

Perturbations of this field provide insight into ontological or subquantum problems that manifest at the ontic or quantum level. Practice in stress management shows that most oncological problems are due to an underlying ontological problem.

The correction of these disturbances corrects the ontological problem.

This pericorporal field made up of a matter sector coupled to an antimatter sector can present a whole series of disturbances; here are the main ones:


1/ Amputations of one or two sectors

2/ Permutations of the four matter and antimatter dynamisms

3/ Black holes-white holes matter and antimatter

4/ Black holes-white holes matter and antimatter orthosympathetic axis

5/ Black holes-white holes matter and antimatter parasympathetic axis

6/ Black holes-white holes anode and cathode

7/ Distortions at the quantum and subquantum levels

8/ Confusions at the quantum and subquantum levels



A. Reminder of basic notions


Figure 1

(All figures and tables are currently in French, but their translation is almost straightforward)

Normal pigment resonance zones of a well-centered subject. It is the measurement standard.


The four matter dynamisms form a couple with the four antimatter dynamisms. A couple is made up of two antagonistic and complementary forces. No matter without antimatter.

It's an illustration of the hologramic principle which shows the resonance between cosmology and ontology.

Figure 2

Areas of resonance between matter and antimatter, are non-detectable in the stressed subject.

A subquantum problem prevents the quantum energy turbine from functioning normally, and the pigment resonance zones are no longer perceived.

One has to find information similar to the underlying problem that will restore the presence of the zones of resonance.

By bringing close to the body the written information of the suspected diagnosis, the two similar pieces of information neutralize each other, as in allosteric enzyme inhibition. Zones of physiological vibratory resonance reappear.

Faced with the absence of a pericorporal field detectable by vascular biosemantic resonance, it is necessary to seek the nature of the problem, which may well be at all levels.


A.1 - What is the nature of the problem?


Table 1


Figure 3


Classical science is dominated by the logic of non-contradiction. Quantum physics introduced the logic of contradiction. The human being is a complex of matter conjugated to antimatter, which can therefore resonate with antimatter. It is a complex of finite and infinite which can therefore resonate with the infinite and which is governed by double-crossed contradiction logic (1).

The vibratory equivalence between pigment resonance and ideogram resonance makes it possible to understand that the body, as a hologram, is a harmonic oscillator that resonates at all levels of physical, biological, psychological, and spiritual reality.

Semantics depends on logic. Logic depends on embryology, which depends on geometry, which in turn depends on physics.


A.2 - Logic problem

Classical logic    = Non-contradiction, semiotics, linear, melody

Quantum logic  = Contradiction, dynamic antagonism, chorus, counterpoint

Spherical logic  = Double crossed contradiction, ontology, symphony, harmony


A.3 - Logic comes from embryology


Table 2

René Thom(2) was the first to suggest a resonance between linguistics and embryology. Vascular biosemantic resonance has confirmed his intuition that ectoderm ≈ object, endoderm ≈ subject, and mesoderm ≈ verb.


A.4 - Logic comes from embryology, which comes from geometry

Table 3

The ectoderm is a 2-D plane. The endoderm translates the rotation of the plane to form a 3-D tube. The intraembryonic mesoderm translates the spiral which is a combination of rotation and translation. The extraembryonic mesoderm expresses the formation of the sphere, which is the integral of all conical spirals.

The logic of non-contradiction applies to Euclidean planar geometry and to so-called objective linear thought. But living things are a non-linear global structure. Metabolism works in pairs. A couple is a contradiction between two complementary and antagonistic forces. Another logic is required. The Logos is the vibrational equivalent of the One. The mesodermal biosemantic resonance leads from infinity to unity.

A paradigm is the set of unconscious biases of a community. It is an analysis grid which makes it possible to locate certain things, that which is local, but prevents the detection of that which is non-local. The grid puts us in a cage! (Today's paradox is tomorrow's prejudice.)

The corpuscular-wavy duality is a general phenomenon. Depending on the angle of vision, the same reality can be perceived as a corpuscle or as a wave field. Official biomedical science only knows the corpuscular aspect. There is no corpuscle without a field. A corpuscle is local. A field is non-local.

However, we are witnessing significant research in environments that are no longer confined by disciplinary administrative constraints; see [re. SSE, WISE].

The term 'aura' (light) is the best known. Physics shows that matter and antimatter in phase opposition annihilate each other to produce gamma radiation, a phenomenon used in positron emission tomography to study the metabolism of neoplastic cells.

Many names have been given to this biophysical physical field that a centrifugal corpuscular approach cannot detect.

Table 4

Reproduced from 'Biosemantics of Syntropy', Viterbo 2013.

The works of Daniel Courty(3) lead us to discover another terminology:


Table 5


The vascular biosemantic resonance acts as a spectroscope which makes possible the detection of vibratory equivalences of the various terms. These fields belong to the quantum or energetic semiotic plane of the wavy-corpuscular duality.

Energetics is controlled by the subquantum semantic plane of the analog-digital duality, which is the plane of information and meaning.

Daniel Courty drew our attention to the term Psyche(3). The French and English terms and the original Greek terms have been checked out. Psyche is a stage of the subquantum semantic vertical axis.

Table 6

The Psyche is the plane just before the Being, which is vibratory equivalent of cosmological Wormhole and Moebius Strip where interior and exterior are one. This is the distinction between psychology and ontology. At the level of Being, the Local becomes Non-Local. The Psyche remains local.


Exploration by vascular biosemantic resonance of the Greek terms Psyche Ψυχη(2) which belongs to the semantic plane of the subquantum vertical axis, which is the vibratory equivalent of Jacob's Ladder allowing the passage from interobjectivity to intersubjectivity. This gradual intensification of the rungs of the ladder takes us out of Plato's cave.


Intensification of Subquantum Complexification


Νοος ≈ symbolique ≈ complémentarité entre analogique et numérique

Πνευμα ≈ diabolique ≈ antagonisme entre analogique et numérique

Αγαπη ≈ Νοος + Πνευμα ≈ symbolique + diabolique ≈ Agapè ≈ omniscience

Ϋβρις ≈ Νοος – Πνευμα ≈ symbolique - diabolique ≈ Hubris ≈ omnipotence

Ψυχη ≈ souffle de vie ≈ Αγαπη + Ϋβρις ≈ SENS

Γνώσις ≈ Sens + Non-Sens ≈ ÊTRE ≈ εἰμί

            ≈ libre arbitre ≈ égo transcendental ≈ Soi védantique    

            ≈ Supramental ≈ Gott

Λογος ≈ Être + Non Être ≈ UN (≠ Non Aliud ≈ Un + Non Un)

           ≈ Intuition ≈ Intellectus ≈ Hasard ≈Je transcendental

           ≈ Nous Transcendental ≈ Gottheit


Table 7


Original Greek terms at the basis of our sciences


Table 8

This table helps to understand that a psychological problem may come from a deeper ontological problem, the level of Being.

The problem is that we want to explore a whole using a part. Current biomedical technology can only detect the centrifugal local, namely electromagnetic and radioactive weak nuclear, which only gives a fragmentary view. This technology cannot detect antimatter. Only the human body which is a complex of matter conjugated with antimatter can detect what is antimatter. It is in resonance with the quantum equatorial plane, the subquantum vertical axis and the metaquantum centre.

Figure 4

The body is an harmonic oscillator. The vibrational equivalence between biology and physics makes it possible to know the quantum or subquantum level of the problem, space or time, local or non-local.

Noradrénaline ≈ temps non local ≈ ivresse

Sérotonine ≈ temps local ≈ bonheur

Acétylcholine ≈ espace local ≈ euphorie

Dopamine ≈ espace non local ≈ plaisir

Table 9


The quantum equatorial plane is the projection of the subquantum and metaquantum planes.


Figure 5

A problem at the quantum ontic level is often the consequence of a subquantum ontological problem.

The anode-cathode couple is the location of transformation from subquantum to quantum.


Figure 6

Reminder of the role of the poles of the semantic vertical axis.

The cathode transforms antimatter into matter and the anode transforms matter into antimatter.


B. Disruptions

In practice, people who consult for stress management exhibit  the following vibration figure; pigment resonance areas are not detectable. One has to find the diagnostic information that will make them reappear.



Figure 7


If the antimatter pericorporal field is not detectable, the amplituhedron makes it reappear.



Figure 8

The Amplituhedron is a revealer of the pericorporal field which does not manifest itself if there is blockage between the quantum and the subquantum.

The polygons resonate with the four material dynamisms. Polyhedrons resonate with antimatter dynamisms or koshas.


C. Disturbances of the pericorporal field

1/ Amputations of one or two sectors

Figure 9


In Alzheimer's, the antimatter field in resonance with neocortical autonomy is no longer detectable. Only the matter field in resonance with the automatisms of the limbic is present.

In the epoche, the limbic of automatisms, beliefs and values is bracketed (is not detected).


Correspondences with physical phenomena



Figure 10



2/ Permutations of the four matter and antimatter dynamisms

Figure 11

2π is normal

π = permutation of serotonin and adrenaline in the orthosympathetic couple or kinetic energy ≈ allergic reaction

π /2 = acetylcholine-dopamine parasympathetic axis or potential energy has taken the place of kinetic energy ≈ anaphylactic shock

3π/2 = the serotonin-acetylcholine local centripetal couple has taken the space of the adrenaline-dopamine non-local centripetal couple. This is the traumatic shock abandonment reaction.

The disturbances of the antimatter sector are parallel to those of the matter sector.


3/ Black holes-white holes matter and antimatter

Figure 12

Set of the most common disturbances.

Synoptic figure of permutations and white holes-black holes.

Comparison between permutations and black holes-white holes.

Parallelisms between permutations of matter and antimatter dynamisms.

Antagonism between matter and antimatter in white holes-black holes.

Matter and antimatter form a couple.

A matter white hole is always accompanied by an antimatter black hole.

A matter black hole is always accompanied by an antimatter white hole.

A white hole is an invasion of other pigment resonance zones by some matter or antimatter dynamism.

A black hole is an intensification of a dynamism that sucks in all other dynamisms.


4/ Black holes-white holes matter and antimatter orthosympathetic axis

Black holes of couple 'kinetic energy local time 16', 'serotonin-non local time 75 norepinephrine':

Figure 13

Figure 14

The serotonin local time black hole is very common.

It is the spectrogram of hypnosis, alcohol, cortisone, placebo and prayer.


A matter white hole is always concomitant with an antimatter black hole.

Figure 15


The 'norepinephrine non-local time' black hole.


Figure 16



Figure 17


A frequent question is that of Donald Trump's spectrogram. It is not bipolar but a case of orthosympathetic hypertonia. The kinetic energy axis forms a black hole that absorbs all parasympathetic potential energy



Figure 18


5/ Black holes-white holes matter and antimatter parasympathetic space axis

Distortion means that we do not find the physiological twist π (180 degrees) between "imagina-real" antimatter and real matter, physiological dynamic balance between antagonism and complementarity which characterizes any couple.

Figure 19



Figure 19 bis


Black hole 70 endodermal local space ≈ autism

White hole 70 ≈ Asperger


Figure 20


The gravitational hyperspace resonance zone is the central position. In the antimatter computing field, antigravity prana is in the central position. Its antigravity function compensates for the excess gravity of pregnancy.

In off-centering, access to hyperspace is denied. Syndrome of the wild goose stuck in a swamp or of the salmon that does not find its river, as in coital headache.


6/ Black holes-white holes anode and cathode

Cathode white hole ≈ explosion of each matter dynamism which invades the other areas of matter resonance. It is accompanied by an antimatter black hole or implosion of the four antimatter dynamisms. The conjunction of opposite cathode and anode is responsible for homeostasis or acid-base balance.

A cathode white hole ≈ explosive amplification of the four matter dynamisms. It is concomitant with an implosive black hole of the four antimatter dynamisms.

An anode black hole ≈ implosive intensification of the four matter dynamisms. It is concomitant with an explosive white hole of the four antimatter dynamisms

Table 10

Anode deficiency decreases the formation of the pericorporal antimatter field. Decreased antigravity pranamaya layer causes fatigue. During pregnancy, this decrease in the antigravity layer increases the severity of the gravid state. Gravity is no longer balanced by antigravity.

The conjunction of anode & cathode opposite gives homeostasis or interobjectivity.

The coincidence of anode & cathode opposites gives intersubjectivity or holon or Moebius Strip.


7/ Distorsions at the quantum and subquantum levels

The four matter and antimatter dynamisms are not detectable.

Distortion means that we do not find the physiological twist π (180 degrees) between "imagina-real" antimatter and real matter, between analog and digital, physiological dynamic balance between antagonism and complementarity that characterizes any couple.


A/ Distortions at the ontic wavy-corpuscular semiotic level

≈ Matter-antimatter distortion ≈ hypersensitivity


B/ Distortion at the ontological analog-digital semantic level

≈ Space/time distortion ≈ utopia, transhumanism, nightmare,

                                                     sleepwalker, LSD, Borromean Knot.


        Borromean Knot                  

Yellow passes twice over blue and twice under red. Red passes twice over yellow and twice under blue. Blue passes twice over red and twice under yellow.

It serves as a model in Lacanian psychoanalysis.


This spectrogram was difficult to decode. It resonated subquantum, so torsion field, but not physiological torsion, which led us to distortion.

Distortion means that antagonism prevails over complementarity.

Distortion = antagonism = 3 π/2 and complementarity = π/2

Confusion = antagonism = 7 π/4 and complementarity = π/4


Correction of the distortion by the Trinity Operator ≈ tri-unity operator, inversion π3, which passes from The Being to The One or metaquantum centre.


8/ Confusions at the quantum and subquantum levels



No detectable pigment resonance. The diagnostic information must be found so that the pigmentary and ideogram resonance reappear.

Antimatter/matter confusion ≈ mummification, sustainable development.

Matter/antimatter confusion ≈ fossilization.

Space/time confusion ≈ psychosis.


D. Conclusion

The vibratory semeiology revealed by mesodermic or vascular biosemantic resonance makes it possible to specify the quantum ontic or subquantum ontological origin of a stress problem. It allows us to follow, thanks to the vascular signal, the evolution of the refocusing which transforms the trauma into a springboard.

It is the transition from the hologram to the holon or Moebius Strip where interior and exterior become one. Each resonance zone is in its place and also occupies the other zones. The local remains local while having become non-local.

This is the spectrogram of Monad ≈ Holon ≈ Moebius Strip ≈ chainette fountain ≈ local autonomy global cohesion.

The chainette fountain is a whole, a monad or holon. A local impulse triggers a global movement.

Holon ≈ Being ≈ Cosmological Wormhole ≈ transcendental reduction

            ≈ Transsumption.

The vascular biosemantic feedback allows the passage from Psyche, or Meaning, to Being, then to The One Which Is ≈ Being + Non-Being ≈ Logos.

What then remains, without trespassing, is to go beyond the One towards the Principle Which Is ≈ One + Non-One or Non-Aliud according to the terminology of the Learned Ignorance of Nicholas of Cusa(4).





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