2021 - Biosemantics of Immunity

Biosemantics of Immunity


Immunity is a complex equation that cannot be solved by current biomedical science which still depends on the classical logic of non-contradiction.

The quarrel between Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp had indeed brought to light the problem of the breeding ground and the seed.

The introduction of the logic of contradiction by quantum physics reveals that reality is corpuscular or undulatory only according to the angle of observation of the observer. Reality is both corpuscular and undulatory.

Official biomedical science has favored the logic of non-contradiction and the mechanistic paradigm. It imposes 'OR' instead of 'AND'. It thus deprives itself of a complete understanding of the phenomenon.

We quickly expose the experimental data of vascular biosemantic resonance spectroscopy, its interest for the understanding of immunity in its biochemical and physiological aspects, and its interest for the discussion of official approaches.

An introduction of the spherical logic of double-crossed contradiction is necessary to understand that immunity is not only a linear phenomenon at the quantum level, but an integration of all the planes by the center, an integration of the centrifugal local by the centripetal non-local.

A reading of the previous communications will greatly facilitate the understanding of this text which requires familiarization with the concepts and the language of these experimental data (references 2, 3 and 4 at the end of this article). A careful study of the diagrams and tables is necessary to extract the substantive quintessence.



Scientific disputes can only be resolved by changing the paradigm, or the set of presuppositions, based on the logic of non-contradiction. Today's paradox is tomorrow's prejudice[1].

The old quarrel between Pasteur and Béchamp is still relevant despite quantum physics having introduced the logic of contradiction. Science depends on the angle of vision of the operating observer (Figure 1). Reality is both corpuscular and undulatory; there is no corpuscle without wave.


[1] Marcel Proust, quoted by Olivier Costa de Beauregard in « Le temps déployé_passé_futur_ailleurs » (1988) [Deployed Time_past_future_elsewhere].


Figure 1

(All figures and tables are currently in French, but their translation is almost straightforward)

Immunity can only be understood by taking into account the three fundamental dualities of the Universal Spherical Structure detected in vascular biosemantic resonance spectroscopy (Table 1).

This model of spherical structure takes us from the linear to the non-linear, from quantum logic of contradiction to double-crossed contradiction logic. The logics control the paradigms, or set of dogmas, accepted by a scientific community.

Current science can only measure what is centrifugal, quantifiable, local. It cannot detect what is centripetal, non-local, qualifiable.

This universal spherical structure, corroborated by vascular biosemantic resonance, makes it possible to detect three levels of reality (Table 1).


Table 1

In a spherical model, the most encompassing referential is, by definition, the center allowing a centripetal-centrifugal dialectic that applies to all levels.

The centripetal non-local is integrating intensity, or coincidence of opposites. The centrifugal is separating magnitude, or conjunction of opposites.

Immunity is the integration of the corpuscular in and by the wave, of the digital by the analog, of the local by the non-local, of the centrifugal by the centripetal. It is the integration of the existence of the centrifugal by the essence of the centripetal.

A centrifugal local corpuscular approach can only activate disruptive entropic dispersion. The two-dimensional cannot solve a three-dimensional problem.

The excess of the bio-digital creates chimeras which cannot be integrated and which, like Icarus wanting to escape from the digital labyrinth by making chimeric wings, can only fall back into undifferentiated disruptive entropy.


Interest of vascular biosemantic resonance

Technical aspects. Experimental data.

What is the interest of vascular biosemantic resonance spectroscopy in understanding immunity?

Vascular biosemantic resonance reveals that the body is:

1/ a radar,

2/ a digitizer (scanner),

3/ a modem,

4/ a computer.

This biophysical method indicates that the human body resonates at all levels of reality: quantum, subquantum and metaquantum.

As the living being is a conjugate of matter and antimatter, it can therefore detect phenomena inaccessible to current scientific technology (Figure 2).

It is a radar or interferometer between its transmitting aspect and its receiving aspect. We can only detect what we are capable of emitting (Figure 2).


Figure 2

The pigment resonance zones are invisible. They are detected by the vascular signal amplifying cellular vibrations triggered by the resonance between the pigments of filters and cellular pigments. Numbers 55, 16, 70 and 75 are the inventory numbers for pigmented gelatin filters, and allow colour-coding of reactive areas that are invisible but detected by the body's radar. There, we see the vibratory equivalence between the biochemical pigmentary reactions and the fundamental physical interactions. The vibratory equivalence with the Hebrew ideograms made it possible to know that the body radar is also a digitizer which detects the meaning of written information, even in Sanskrit and Chinese, which are barcodes (Figure 3).


Figure 3

Vascular biosemantic resonance reveals that the body is a radar at the energetic quantum level and a modem at the subquantum computational level. The superposition of the biosemantic spectrogram and the large array of Fou Hi hexagrams shows their functional community.

The dashed Yin lines represent the digital centrifugal local. Solid Yang lines represent the analog centripetal non-local. The central square resonates discontinuous matter and the circle resonates continuous antimatter (Figure 3).


Figure 4

The spherical approach makes it possible to understand the centrifugal/centripetal dynamism, and the presence of two poles: centrifugal emitter cathode and centripetal receiver anode. The anode function intensifies matter and transforms it into antimatter. It therefore ensures the presence of the antimatter pericorporal field which has an antigravity function.

This figure summarizes the matter-antimatter aspect of the quantum equatorial plane which is the projection of the space-time subquantum plane and the metaquantum 'centripetal local'–'centrifugal non-local' plane (Table 1).

The prevailing scientific paradigm only sees the corpuscular aspect of the quantum plane and ignores the subquantum and metaquantum planes, whereas immunity requires a centering of all planes (Table 1 and Figure 4).

The spherical dynamic structure gives the central point as a reference with centripetal processes of non-local type and centrifugal processes of local type.

Immunity is the integration of all planes through the center of the sphere.


Actuality of the problem

Figure 5

This figure makes it possible to understand the errors of the one-dimensional official approach to immunity, well illustrated by the historical quarrel between Pasteur and Béchamp[1]. Pasteur illustrates the corpuscular approach with the predominance of the germ. Béchamp represents the undulatory approach with the predominance of the breeding ground.

According to the still dominant paradigm, we only see the analytical discontinuous corpuscular aspect of the local and we ignore the catalytic continuous wave aspect of the non-local field. We see the molecule, the virus, and we ignore the breeding ground. We only have one half of the equation. The trees prevent us from seeing the forest.

Biosemantic resonance uncovers the wave aspect of the equation. Immunity is the integration of the corpuscular centrifugal by the centripetal wave at the quantum energy level. It is also the integration of the digital centrifugal by the analog centripetal at the level of the subquantum computer modem. Information controls energetics. The centripetal non-local integrates the centrifugal local.

Achieving immunity, which is intercellular harmony between the corpuscular and the undulatory, between the material body and the antimatter field, between the analog and the digital, is impossible by the corpuscular approach to vaccination.

The spherical model integrates all levels of reality. The poles of the vertical axis of the sphere constitute the anode and the cathode (Table 2).


[1] Jean Ratte in « Biosémantique de pandémie » (2020) [Pandemic Biosemantics]. From "Research, Essays, Reflections" at The Raymond Abellio Conferences. Available late Oct. 2022 in English at; available now in French at


Biochemical Consequences

The acid-base balance ensures homeostasis, or balance, between the anode function and the cathode function.

Table 2

Vascular biosemantic resonance spectroscopy can detect the resonance zones of the autonomic nervous system.

The orthosympathetic nervous system implements the acid cathode function. The parasympathetic embodies the basic anode electrical grounding function that keeps the breeding ground strong.

Auto-immune diseases are caused by an impairment of the anode function.


Physiological aspects

Vascular biosemantic resonance gives a spectrogram of the wave aspect of the equation. It detects the field, that is to say the breeding ground or terrain, whereas biomedical technology only detects the corpuscular, molecular, cellular aspect... the germ.

This vascular biosemantic resonance therefore detects the resonance zones of the autonomic nervous system which has a primordial role in immunity.


Figure 5

OS = orthosympathetic: resonance zones 75 adrenaline, and 16 serotonin

PS = parasympathetic: resonance zones 55 dopamine, and 70 acetylcholine

Immunity intensifies the terrain/breeding ground, or anabolic ascending parasympathetic axis that supports the body, whereas the catabolic orthosympathetic axis is descending. The parasympathetic provides the (electrical) grounding function that allows one to stand upright in the face of orthosympathetic aggression.


Figure 6

The quantum equatorial plane constitutes the energy turbine with an orthosympathetic axis and a parasympathetic axis. The equatorial plane is the projection of the space-time subquantum vertical axis and the "Local–Non-Local" metaquantum center (Figure 7).


Figure 7

The existential quantum plane expresses the other planes which are not detectable by current technology.

The heart illustrates this model of a quantum energy turbine rotating around a vertical axis.


Figure 8

Colour-coding indicates that a common position, suggests a common function. This data allows us to understand wave-like intercellular signaling in the body as an harmonic oscillator. An harmonic oscillator is the vibrational equivalent of "Manifold", catalytic connector and analytical distributor (the technical term in mathematics is Variety). It is also equivalent to "Hologram" where the part contains the information of the all.


Figure 9

Atria = diastolic filling space.

Ventricles = systolic hunting zones.

The parasympathetic expands. The orthosympathetic contracts.

The heart illustrates this duality of orthosympathetic kinetic energy and parasympathetic potential energy found at the cellular level.

Quantum energy turbine = corpuscular wave duality.

Subquantum computing modem = analog-digital duality


Applications to immunity

Figure 10

Othosympathetic hypertonia intensifies kinetic energy at the expense of potential energy.

Parasympathetic hypertonia intensifies potential energy at the expense of kinetic energy.


Figure 11

This figure shows the equivalence between the orthosympathetic axis and the kinetic energy (local time and non-local time). Vaccination causes an intensification of the orthosympathetic kinetic axis which absorbs all the parasympathetic potential energy of the breeding ground.

Figure 12

Parasympathetic hypertonia provides immunity by strengthening the breeding ground which will no longer be vulnerable.


Figure 13

The parasympathetic is represented by lymphocytes and thrombocytes or platelets.

The orthosympathetic is represented by erythrocytes (red blood cells) and myelocytes.

Plasmocytes are vibratory equivalents of lymphocytes which belong to the parasympathetic dynamism: water, hydrogen, proton, protein, which form antibodies. Thrombocytes or platelets ensure the integrity of blood walls.

Vaccine inflammatory orthosympathetic hypertonia causes disturbances at the level of parasympathetic thrombocytes. Their deficiencies cause hemorrhages, and their excesses cause thrombosis.


Immunity and sense organs

The four resonance zones of the energy turbine also correspond to the sense organs.

The sense of smell corresponds to the centripetal non-local space. It is the vital space, the space of germs, the space of the species. Anosmia reflects an attack of the parasympathetic, a deficiency of immunity. The breeding ground is compromised. The salmon does not find its river in which it can spawn without being frightened.


Figure 14

Ageusia translates an impairment of the non-local time. Strong nuclear, noradrenaline, myocardium are disturbed (Figure 15).


Figure 15

The coercive sanitary measures of the face mask disrupt taste and smell, and lower immunity. Physical distancing compounds the disruption of the anterior vagal system of social engagement caused by wearing a face mask (Figure 16). Herd immunity can only be weakened by these measures.


Figure 16


Vascular biosemantic resonance spectroscopy reveals that current vaccines inhibit centripetal parasympathetic hypertonia in front of a centrifugal viral information. They cause a confusion of the corpuscular which is identified with the undulating, a confusion of the digital which identifies itself with the analog. These computational disruptions constitute an array of mummification.

They inhibit the transition from hologramic circular interobjectivity to spherical holonic intersubjectivity, which constitutes the Icarus syndrome stuck in its corpuscular or digital labyrinth[1] [2].

Immunity is an attribute of intersubjectivity that integrates all levels of reality.

My thanks to Benoît Hurtel for a critical reading of the text in French and pedagogical suggestions.


[1] Jean Ratte, from « Du circulaire au sphérique, ou de la science à la gnose » (25 September 2020) [Circular to Spherical, or from Science to Gnosis], presentation in French at the XVIIth Raymond Abellio Conferences in Toulouse, France;

[2] Jean Ratte, from « Icare, Psyché et Gnosis » (2021) [Icarus, Psyche and Gnosis], presentation in French at the XVIIIth Raymond Abellio Conferences in Porto, Portugal. Download the summary in French at, or read on-line at